Crop Rotation Wheel

Our Vegetable Crop Rotation Wheel can help you attain 
abundant harvests 
in the year-round growing season of Southern California.

You've heard that farmers "rotate their crops."  Now you can do it too, in your urban garden.  Our simple tool shows you how.

Crop rotation can be rather complicated to figure out.  We know -- it took us several years of puzzling.  Try to factor in companion planting.  Add to that the complexities of our year-round growing season.  And the need to be constantly building your soil.  (Whew! It's getting very involved!)

The Vegetable Crop Rotation Wheel makes it simple:  just pick crops from the list on the back of the wheel.  The wheel tells you where and when to plant them!
  • 4-year rotation 
  • year-round growing -- cool season and warm season plants
  • abundant harvests in every season
  • easy to use-- design refined in four years of public garden classes
  • crop rotations tested in the Community Garden at Holy Nativity, Los Angeles 90045
Our system of crop rotation uses four plant guilds, which include most common vegetable plants.  Each season includes "stars of the garden" -- vegetables in prime production and peak harvest.  You won't have any down-time and you'll be building your soil too!

There are several reasons for rotating crops including (1) building soil fertility using nitrogen-fixing plants, and (2) breaking the cycle of pests and diseases.  With our Vegetable Crop Rotation Wheel your garden will gain the benefits of both, and you the gardener will gain an easy planting system!

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